Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bandages Music Festival

BANDAGES Festival from THESE on Vimeo.

A short promo video that we made, for the Bandages music festival.


Design/Direction/Production: These, Redneck
Direction/ Character Design: V.Kolettis
Creative Direction/ Rendering/Compositing: K. Demis/ S. Magliveras
Animation: V. Kolettis/N. Spathis
Character Modelling: N. Spathis/K. Demis
Rigging : N.Spathis
Additional Design : E. Laourda/M.Hatzidakis
Sound Design: P. Delinikolas
Music: FlyByWire

Some scetches and ideas that did not make it to the end....(but who knows someday).
This was actually the first one...

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